EPFL Board appoints Thiriez and Rutten as ad interim chairman and deputy chairman

Frédéric Thiriez (right), ad interim EPFL Chairman and Frank Rutten, ad interim EPFL Deputy Chairman
Frédéric Thiriez (right), ad interim EPFL Chairman and Frank Rutten, ad interim EPFL Deputy Chairman

The EPFL is pleased to announce that at a Board meeting on the 15th May 2013 Frédéric Thiriez, President of the French Professional League, was appointed, by unanimity, as the new ad interim Chairman of our Association.

At the same meeting, Frank Rutten, CEO of the Eredivisie, was also unanimously appointed ad interim Deputy Chairman.

Commenting on his appointment, Frédéric Thiriez, who now succeeds to Sir David Richards, said: “I am extremely honored and proud of receiving the confidence and the support of my fellow European Leagues’ colleagues, who represent around 800 professional clubs from 23 European nations. I will do my very best to meet their expectations. On this occasion, I wish to render homage to Sir David Richards, my friend, who has made the EPFL a strong force in the football world as well as a respected interlocutor to UEFA, the whole football family and the European Union.”

Frank Rutten, who will now accumulate this new position with the chairmanship of the EPFL Committee on Professional Football Finance, stated: “It is an honor for me to serve the EPFL, now as Deputy Chairman. I wish to thank my colleagues of the Board for their support and reaffirm my commitment, at the outset of this new cycle for the European Leagues, to continue representing their common interests, including those of medium and smaller size, to the best of my ability.”

The term of office of the newly appointed Chairman and Deputy Chairman, as well as the new Board members, shall be for the remaining unexpired duration of the current 3 year term, i.e. until October 2013, when new general elections shall be held.

In the same way, Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL, and Carlos del Campo, Director of Legal Affairs of the Spanish League, have also been appointed members of the Board of Directors of the EPFL, thus replacing Holger Hieronymus and José Lu’s Astiazarán respectively.

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