EPFL met FIFA to discuss reform proposals

EPFL met FIFA to discuss reform proposals

The European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) and FIFA met today in Zurich for an informal meeting aimed to discuss the reform recommendations recently approved by the FIFA Executive Committee based on the proposals from the 2016 FIFA Reform Committee.

At the meeting, the Leagues were represented by Frédéric Thiriez and Georg Pangl, respectively Chairman and General Secretary of the EPFL, while FIFA was represented by the current administration??s top executives including Acting Secretary General Markus Kattner as well as Acting Deputy Secretary General and Director of Legal Affairs Marco Villiger.

During the meeting, Frédéric Thiriez welcomed the reform process currently being discussed within FIFA stressing that good governance, democracy and transparency are key to restore the trust in the institutions and the individuals.

The Leagues welcome the will of FIFA to involve the stakeholders in the future decision making processes. Within this context, as competition organizers and representatives of all professional football clubs at national level, the leagues expressed their support for the creation of a new and enlarged executive body – the so called FIFA Council ?? and reiterated their request to be fully included in this decision making body to be able to formally work in a positive and collaborative way with FIFA in all matters impacting professional football.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the EPFL to express its concerns with respect to the proposal discussed within the FIFA Executive Committee to increase the number of teams at the FIFA World Cup finals from 32 to 40. The EPFL believes this issue should not be debated during the current FIFA presidential election campaign. This topic together with any matter relating to the professional side of the game should be discussed at a later stage in an open and transparent way with all stakeholders.

Finally, the EPFL briefed FIFA about the recent creation of the World Leagues Forum. On this matter, Frédéric Thiriez stated: ??The Leagues from all over the world now have an organization were they can debate issues of common concern. The World Leagues Forum shares the same philosophy and values of good governance, democracy and transparency that were discussed today with FIFA. We look forward to working with the new FIFA in 2016?.


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