EPFL meets with Russian football authorities

Sergey Pryadkin and Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros in Moscow

Sergey Pryadkin and Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros

On 15 December, The EPFL carried out an intensive football meeting programme in Moscow, under the initiative of the Russian Premier Football League. During the visit, The EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros had the opportunity to meet both the Presidents of the Russian Football Premier League, Sergey Pryadkin, and the President of the Association of Russian Professional Football Leagues, Nikolay Tolstykh. He was also the special guest of the Russian Premier League’s Draw for the 2010 Football Season. The event was held yesterday in the Russian capital and was followed by the Premier League’s Annual Gala.

The day after, a series of working meeting were scheduled with both Leagues as well with the Russian Football Association to culminate the EPFL’s official visit.

The Association’s strategic priorities for the 2009/2010 season were placed high on the agenda, as well as other themes of relevant interest for Russian and European professional football.

At the end of the meeting, Sergey Pryadkin stated: “It was a great pleasure for the Russian Football Premier League to host the CEO of the EPFL Mr Emanuel Medeiros in Moscow. The days spent by our guests in Russia were extremely productive. We engaged in dialogue on a wide range of issues, exchanged views on the pressing issues of world football. We are confident that a visit like this will strengthen the existing fruitful relationships between The EPFL and Russian Football Premier League”.

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