EPFL meets Norsk Toppfotball in Nyon

EPFL  meets  Norsk Toppfotball in Nyon

Lead by its CEO, Neils Røine, a  large delegation of  the Norwegian League visited yesterday the EPFL Headquarters in Nyon, to address several issues currently facing Professional Football, both at national and international level.

During the meeting, the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros welcomed the League representatives and presented the strategic vision, main priorities and proposals of the Association to meet the challenges currently facing the sport and business.  At the end of this cordial visit, the EPFL CEO reaffirmed the “EPFL’s wilingness to continue strenghtening its ties and constructive cooperation with all Member Leagues” and seized the opportunity to reinforce the EPFL support to all upcoming initiatives to be developed by the Norsk Toppfotball League.
On behalf of the Norsk Toppfotball, the CEO Neils Røine stated: ” The staff of the Norwegian Professional League spent two very interesting, convincing and helpful days with the EPFL in Nyon. We got a full explanation of the main tasks and achievements of the Association and its 30 Member Leagues and Associate Members. We identified several common challenges and opportunities that we will follow up together. We are also very satisfied for the assistance that the EPFL provided us for our visit to UEFA. It has been a very useful and proactive two days visit which we strongly recommend to plan to other EPFL Members. Our full staff delegation of six persons is backing home with more know-how and inspiration”.

The Norsk Toppfotball League  was admitted as full Member of the EPFL  in 2007 . It is a dynamic organization joining  the 14 Tippeliga and 16 Adeccoliga clubs in Norway. Previously known as Serieforeningen, the primary goal of the Norsk Toppfotball is to consolidate its leading role in the development of Norwegian top football. They support clubs economically, administrative and commercially , thus raising the level of Norwegian Professional Football.

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