EPFL launches the European Public Policy Review

EPFL European Public Policy Review

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues is proud to announce the launch of its brand new digital publication: “The EPFL Public Policy Review”. As from today, all its Members will get instantaneous access to the latest news on sports public policy issues at the European level and a wealth of information on upcoming events, projects and political and regulatory initiatives from the European Union and the Council of Europe.
From now on, on a monthly basis, this digital publication will provide European leagues’ executives and decision-makers with updated insights on the most relevant initiatives, projects, studies and debates at EU and Council of Europe level, as well as the EPFL’s position papers and activities conducted within the scope of our Committee on EU Affairs and Social Dialogue. Everything in a simple, practical and innovative way.

In this framework, the EPFL European Public Policy Review represents the latest item in a wide range of services as part of the Association’s Research and Information strategy, which, alongside the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin, EPFL Daily News Selection and bespoke research facility, have been developed to meet our Members’ needs by assisting them with material for information, strategic thinking and policy-making. It is another evidence of our strong and constant commitment to provide our Member Leagues and Associate Members with relevant and easier-friendly working tools in order to enable well-informed decision making.

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