The EPFL joins football stars to fight hunger

EPFL Executives and Ambassadors united against hunger

Within the scope of its “Professional Football Against Hunger” Campaign, the European Professional Football Leagues presented on 11th May in Rome an awareness video spot on occasion of the launch of the FAO �1 Billion Hungry� project.

Raúl Gonz�lez Blanco ( LA LIGA), Ren� Adler (BUNDESLIGA), Luca Toni (LEGA CALCIO), Jo�o Moutinho (LIGA PORTUGAL) and Gary Neville (PREMIER LEAGUE) are the five protagonist of a strong and impacting message whose aim is to sensitize the public opinion about the devastating problem of over 1 billion persons in the world that are nowadays suffering from hunger and starvation.

Sir David Richards and Patrick VieiraThe EPFL, represented in Rome by David Richards and Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, respectively Chairman and CEO of the EPFL, was strongly supported by a delegation of leagues’ Executives  accompanied by their respective football Ambassadors.  José Luis Astiazarán (President of the Spanish LA LIGA); Marco Brunelli (CEO of the Italian LEGA CALCIO) with Bruno Conti; Tom Bender (Member of the Executive Board of the German BUNDESLIGA) with Hansi M�ller; Orlando Carvalho (Executive Committee Member of LIGA PORTUGAL) with Fernando Couto; Georg Pangl (CEO of the Austrian BUNDESLIGA); Patrick Vieira representing The Premier League.


Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros signs the 1 Billion Hungry petition�In a world in growing turbulence, where essential values seem to be at stake, the fight for human rights cannot slowdown. Must not slowdown. Will not slowdown

This is the moral duty of our generation.
The challenge of our civilization.
And the way we choose do deal with it determine the way future generations will look up to us and History will judge the political leaders of our time.

The need to accelerate the fight against hunger and poverty worldwide has never been so vital, so decisive and so urgent!

We need to live up to the expectations of those who have little or nothing to put on the table.

We need to respond to the hopes of 1/6 of world’s population, more than 1 billion human beings, with sense of responsibility.

We need to respond to their call, not with indifference, but with commitment. Not with individualism, but with solidarity. Not with resignation, but with proactive spirit and unbreakable belief that each of us – each one of you – can truly make the difference.

That’s why we are here. With FAO. At the forefront of this humanitarian cause.
That’s why we will now sign the �1 Billion Hungry Petition� and urge to do the same.

That’s why we will organise, once more, an �EPFL/FAO Match Day Against Hunger� on 23/24 October 2010. So that, in every stadium, across the whole Europe, all EPFL Member Leagues, clubs, players and football fans can speak out, loudly, a common message.

A message that uses the power of football and calls all nations, all leaders and all men and women of good will to unite efforts. To mobilise resources. And Help us winning this cause for the most basic and fundamental human right: THE RIGHT OF FOOD AND HUMAN DIGNITY!”

Hansi Muller signs the 1 Billion Hungry petitionHANSI MÅ°LLER, on behalf of all Football Ambassadors : “I have experienced and saw with my eyes, during the EPFL Field Visit to FAO TeleFood project in Egypt, the struggling conditions of hundreds of kids suffering for hunger and starvation. There are millions of them all around the globe.

Football has an unquestionable power to mobilize and sensitize the public opinion. It’s our moral duty, as public personalities, to give back something to society, supporting social causes like this”.

The EPFL Video spot and the filming of the Event are from now on available on Eurovision, for one month time (please follow the link below).

This material is free of rights and free of charge to all broadcasters in Europe (W3A), the Americas (Intelsat805) and Asia (Asiasat5). Please feel free to use and distribute it among broadcasters at national and international level. 




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