EPFL gathers its Finance and Marketing & Media Committees

The impact of global economic recession upon football and further develop leagues’ business models on agenda.

Following the development of the EPFL Report on Good Financial Governance at the National Level and the unanimous support by the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council to the new concept of Financial Fair Play for UEFA club competitions, the EPFL is promoting a series of consultation meetings and workshops to address with its members and associate members all those crucial issues and set out a series of best practice recommendations to be considered by the Leagues and clubs to overcome the current economic slowdown and further develop the leagues’ business models.

Within this context, the EPFL will organize a joint meeting of its Committees on Finance and Marketing & Media on Wednesday 7 October 2009, in London, on occasion of the’Leaders in Football’ Event, to be held at the Chelsea FC Stadium.

As explained by the EPFL CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, ?this shall be the first of a series of initiatives, to be developed by the EPFL throughout the whole Europe during the current football season, aimed to assist in particular the most vulnerable Leagues and clubs in overcoming this circumstantial adversity and attract new business opportunities”.

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