EPFL General Assembly – Warsaw 22-23 October 2015

EPFL Statement on current FIFA situation

The current situation at FIFA level and the serious allegations which are currently giving rise to several investigations are not only harmful for FIFA but for the whole of world football.

Although the EPFL cannot make a statement on ongoing procedures, the Leagues believe that it is time for all international governing bodies to enhance transparency at all levels in their structure. Transparency should be applied both as regards representatives and top executives as well as in the decision making process. The EPFL also wishes that new governance principles will be implemented with the involvement of all stakeholders including the Leagues.

Considering their experience as competition organizers and representative of their member clubs, in a highly regulated and controlled environment, the European Leagues are willing to be fully involved in the current discussions relating to the reform of FIFA.

EPFL Statement on FIFPro’s complaint before the European Commission

EPFL believes in the importance of the current transfer system that guarantees financial redistribution mechanisms through a proper compensation for youth development.

The decision made by FIFPro to lodge a complaint before the European Commission challenges the principles of solidarity and the competitive balance which the Leagues are seeking to safeguard.

EPFL deems that any issues regarding the transfer system should be dealt with between the relevant stakeholders instead of before the Courts.


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