EPFL express concern regarding FIFA’s situation

The ongoing issues enveloping some of FIFA’s most senior figures are a matter of growing concern for the EPFL and its member leagues.

Our long-held position is that the reform of the structures and transparency of the game’s world governing body are absolutely fundamental to changing the culture of FIFA as well as starting the process of rebuilding trust in its leadership and motives.

The public prosecutors have announced that more arrests are coming in the legal proceedings and the Ethics Committee is working hard to address numerous allegations.

The EPFL believes in the right course of justice and in the presumption of innocence of those under investigation. However, in the interim work must be undertaken to set FIFA back on the right track. Perhaps this can only be achieved by the appointment of an independent, specialised and credible body to govern FIFA for a transitionary period.

The EPFL would be happy to help facilitate this process utilising some of the expertise contained within our ranks.
Transparency is key to restore the trust in the institutions and the individuals. The governing bodies should implement measures to disclose all remunerations to executive committee members and top management as well publish a declaration of interests. This is a first and crucial step on a long road in order to restore what is currently a broken and tarnished institution.


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