EPFL Statement

EPFL Statement

The EPFL says no to the creation of a European Super League

(Madrid, 18 April 2016) – The EPFL Board of Directors met today in Madrid, hosted by the Spanish LaLiga.

During the meeting, the European Leagues had the opportunity to discuss the ongoing structural reform process in the governance of football and the current rumours around the creation of a European Super League.

The current turmoil in the governance of the game represents a unique opportunity for football to restore its credibility and create the proper balance among all key stakeholders. Within this context, the leagues reinforce their willingness, through their national bodies, the EPFL and the World Leagues Forum, to collaborate and share their experience and knowledge with the new FIFA and the upcoming new UEFA in all matters related to professional football. In particular, the leagues reiterate their request to be fully involved in any decision-making process affecting national competitions and their calendars.

The competitions run by the European leagues at domestic level represent the core essence and unique base of professional football. The best players and the best clubs at global level perform in our national championships to achieve success and outstanding results both on and off the pitch. Within this context, the EPFL firmly defends the current system, based on sporting merits, through which the best clubs at national level qualify for the European Club Competitions run by UEFA.

At the end of the meeting, the EPFL Chairman Lars-Christer Olsson stated: “The EPFL is strongly against the creation of a European Super League and any format of competition which could destroy the basic dream and goal of any of our hundreds of clubs to compete at the highest level and possibly win a European Club Competition. We must keep the dream alive for all clubs. At this stage, the EPFL together with all its Leagues believe the football stakeholders should focus their efforts to guarantee a better redistribution of wealth among all clubs to create a greater competitive balance in European football. The EPFL is ready to play an active role in any discussion with the football family on this respect.”

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