EPFL develops 2 edition of its Report on European Leagues Organisation, Structure and Governance

EPFL Report on ?European Professional Football leagues' Organisation, Structure and Governance?, related to Football Season 2009/2010Following the excellent impact of the first EPFL Report on ?European Professional Football leagues’ Organisation, Structure and Governance?, related to Football Season 2009/2010, the EPFL is proud to inform that the 2010/2011 edition is currently being developed.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide a coherent, accurate and updated portray of the current landscape of Professional Football Leagues organisation in Europe, adding useful and comprehensive data on the leagues’ structures, scope of competences, commercial and political frame and other key areas. To this end, the active engagement of each EPFL League is being indispensible.

This project will allow the EPFL Research and Information Unit to collect vital information on the leagues’ main areas of activity. It will also enable the EPFL to better learn what are the main needs and objectives of its Member Leagues and Associate Members, with the purpose of outlining suitable services, good practices and procedures, to continue fulfilling efficiently their expectations.

The 2010/2011 Edition is structured as follows:

I ?  General information
II – Organisational information
III – Relationship with Professional Football stakeholders
IV – leagues’ member clubs
V – Organisation and structure of leagues’ competitions
VI – Commercial aspects of leagues’ competitions
VII – Financial aspects and solidarity of leagues’ competitions
VIII – Youth development
IX – Stadium and supporters
X – Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reflecting the outcome of last season’s Report, this study will also enable our Member Leagues and Associate Members to know themselves better and, through a proper benchmarking analysis, to eventually consider possible adjustments and enhancements to further improve their own structure and policies, as appropriate.

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