EPFL Online Countdown System welcomed by football community

The winter transfer window is closed since last Monday, 31 January, in the vast majority of the EPFL Member Leagues. However, in a few countries the transfer market is still open. This is the case of the Premier Leagues of Serbia (7 February) Switzerland (15 February), Bulgaria and Poland (28 February), Ukraine (2 March), Russia (10 March) as well as Norway and Sweden (31 March).

Sensitive to the need of the Leagues and the clubs, the EPFL has launched an Online Transfer Windows Closure Countdown within its official website (www.europeanleagues.com). Thanks to this innovative service provided by the EPFL all Leagues, clubs, players’ agents, media and all other stakeholders had the chance to follow the exact period remaining until the closure of the window transfer windows in each European Professional Football League.

Judging from the reactions the whole football community, the impact of this initiative could not have been more resounding and valued.

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