EPFL calls for legal protection for Leagues’ commercial rights

EPFL Board of Directors Meeting - 25.05.2010

Board of Directors  adresses  the most recent issues currently  at the  top of Professional Football’s   agenda.

Protection of IP Rights 
Gathered in Nyon, Board of Directors of the EPFL urges the EU institutions and national Governments to ensure the indispensible protection of intellectual protecty rights of the European Leagues  and other competition organisers, in order to ensure the economic viability of their competitions and sport’s long term sustainability.
Sports Betting Integrity

A strong message has also been addressed to those recipients calling for due discipline and regulation of the sports betting market in Europe, to safeguard the integrity of their competitions against the challenges posed by the illegal betting and to enable sport with a fair financial return from the betting industry for the use of competitions organisers’ content. In this regard, the EPFL welcome the new regulatory framework which has recently entered into force in France, consecrating a “competiton organisers’ right” and called the other EU Member States to follow France’s footsteps
Financial Fair Play

Among may other pertinent agenda items, during the meeting, the EPFL Board  of Directors has received a updated report on the latest developments relating to the UEFA Financial Fair Play, whose concept and overall purposes have been endorsed by the Leagues. During the past year, the EPFL has constructively  cooperated  with UEFA on the development of the UEFA Financial Fair Play , putting forward a series of pertinent recommendations  and proposals, which have been welcome and taken into consideration by UEFA, in order to improve the financial health in European club competitions and the long-term stability of professional football across the continent. The new regulations are expected to be approved at the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee  of 27 May 2010.

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