EPFL Launches Best Practice Awards 2011-12


The EPFL is glad to announce the official launch of the second edition of the EPFL Best Practice Awards, corresponding to the 2011-12 football season.

This initiative is aimed to award and promote the best practices in activities and projects performed by the European Leagues in different areas of management related to Professional Football such as Youth Development, Media & Marketing, Fan Management, Social Responsibility and Stadia Management.

The EPFL has invited and indeed encouraged all EPFL Member Leagues and Associate Members to participate actively in this initiative, which will contribute decisively to increase the general awareness about the excellence of the leagues’ management and contribute to enhance football standards on those significant areas.

The contest will culminate with an Award Ceremony, on occasion of the EPFL General Assembly Gala Dinner, to be held in Scotland, in October 2012, during which the European Leagues will present the winners of the Best Practice Awards 2011-12 to the football family, media and general public. 

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