EPFL Launches Best Practice Awards

EPFL Best Practise Awards

The EPFL announced today, at the meeting of its Board of Directors,  the official launch of a pioneering Awards’contest to select and prize Best Practice  activities and projects performed by the European Leagues in different categories and areas related to Professional Football.

The initiative,  which was very much welcome and highly praised by the  Leagues’ representatives,  has been under internal study for the last twelve months. It is aimed to raise awareness about the excellence of Leagues’ management when it comes to develop and run football related practices in area s such as Youth Development, Marketing, Communications and Social Responsibility.

During the said meeting, the official logo of the EPFL Best Practice Award was unveiled.
The Logo combines the main values and symbols of  the EPFL and represents football’s essence and main symbol: the ball (see IMAGE). Its shape and golden color respect the EPFL’s identity, with 30 stylished rings representing the current 30 EPFL Members and A ssociate Members. The espherical form, inspired in the EPFL’s own logo, stands for the common sense of purpose and unity of the Leagues around their Association.

The programme of the Contest and all relevant details shall be publicly announced shortly.The contest will run during the 2010/2011 Football Season and culminate with a Gala event, planned for Spring 2011,  during which the European Leagues will present their Best Practice prized projects to football family, media and general public.

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