EPFL appoints Lars-Christer Olsson as new Chairman

EPFL’s General Assembly unanimously appointed Lars-Christer Olsson as new Chairman.

The 66-year-old Swedish citizen is currently President of the Swedish Professional Football League, a founding Member of the EPFL. Former Chief Executive of UEFA and General Secretary of the Swedish Football Association, the new EPFL Chairman replaced Frédéric Thiriez who was named Head of the Management Group of the World Leagues Forum (WLF) on 25 February.

Within this context, Frédéric Thiriez stated:”I believe it is in the interest of both the EPFL and WLF to have different leaders, therefore, I have decided to step down as EPFL Chairman to be able to focus on the recently created WLF in order to defend the position of the leagues at world level.”

On the occasion, the European Leagues expressed their gratitude to Frédéric Thiriez who served the EPFL as Chairman for the last two and a half years.

Lars-Christer Olsson has been appointed Chairman of the EPFL for the remainder of the current term of office, until October 2016, when new presidential elections shall take place.

During his closing speech to the Leagues, Lars-Christer Olsson stated:”In this challenging period for the governance of the game, I am honored to be appointed as EPFL Chairman. The European leagues represent the industry of football, therefore their voice has to be at the centre of any discussions and decisions impacting the professional side of the game.

EPFL Statement on FIFPro Complaint

The EPFL fully supports the current transfer system since it guarantees a financial redistribution mechanism for leagues and clubs. The decision made by FIFPro to lodge a complaint before the European Commission challenges the principles of solidarity and competitive balance. To this aim the leagues and their member clubs are ready to strongly defend the current transfer system and safeguard the football industry.

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