EPFL specialists on transfer matters met in Zurich with FIFA

EPFL specialists on transfer matters met in Zurich with FIFA

EPFL specialists on transfer matters met in Zurich to review and discuss latest developments at FIFA level

(Zurich 5 February 2015) The EPFL Working Group on Transfer Matters made crucial steps forward at a working session in Zurich. Edmond Isoz, Chairman of the EPFL Strategic Committee on Football Matters, joined by Jair Bertoni, EPFL’s Head of Cabinet, had the opportunity to debrief the leagues’ specialists with the latest development in terms of changes in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players with the cordial and active participation of Omar Ongaro, FIFA’s Head of the Players’ Status Department, who provided clarifications on many existing concerns related to the new rules on third party ownership, intermediaries, overdue payables, and training compensation and solidarity mechanisms.

The meeting was another satisfactory evidence of the high level services provided by the EPFL to its Member Leagues in areas of key interest for professional football in order to enable them operate their leagues effectively and provide their affiliated club with accurate, timely and clear information to face the new challenges of the new regulatory framework.   Representatives of the European Club Association (ECA) also attended the meeting in line with the excellent collaboration between both entities in this and other areas of common interest and concern for both leagues and clubs at European level. The EPFL therefore seize the opportunity of the meeting to present the proposals jointly developed with ECA aimed at improving the current transfer system and guaranteeing the necessary contractual stability and certainty in the relations between employers and employees in football.

Edmond Isoz commented the following on the meeting: “As chairman of the EPFL Strategic Committee on Football Matter, I am happy to see that our leagues are content with the work developed so far by the EPFL in respect of transfer matters, an issue of utmost importance for the positive development of professional football globally. We have the pleasure to count with FIFA to provide us with all due clarifications on very important topics in this area. Overall I think we left the room with a sensation that we have got all the needed information and knowledge for our Leagues to go back to their clubs and assist them to face the new challenges ahead”.

Robert Pongracz, Vice-President of the Romanian League, stated: “For the LPF – Liga Profesionista de Fotbal – such initiatives are extremely important since they give us the chance to be informed in the best way possible about future regulations and their interpretations. I would welcome more initiatives as such for the leagues experts in the future”.

During the final session of the meeting, Mark Goddard, General Secretary of FIFA TMS, presented the values and operations of Domestic Transfer Matching System to the working group, with the support of Ms Ninon Kok – Dutch FA – to provide an overview of this entity’s first experience on operating the system during the latest winter transfer window.

The EPFL shall continue to closely monitor the transfer system in order to provide the latest updated information and knowledge to its Member Leagues and their clubs, and protect their interests in an efficient way for the benefit of football.

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