EPFL restates core values for European professional football

The EPFL Board of Directors gathered today in Paris hosted by the French League. On the occasion, the leagues seize the opportunity to reiterate the following key principles:


  • The EPFL’s goal is to protect and enhance the competitive balance of national competitions run by the domestic leagues, so that all their member clubs can perform at the highest sporting level in a sustainable and competitively balanced environment.


  • All our clubs must have the possibility to compete at the highest levels – domestically and internationally. We have the responsibility to keep that dream and ambition alive on behalf of the clubs and fans alike.


  • We seek to protect the basic values of the European sport model, based on sporting merits, an open access pyramid structure where all clubs form the foundation.


We believe in working in co-operation with the respective football governing bodies (FIFA, UEFA and National Associations) and public authorities across Europe through active dialogue along with the other stakeholders in football. Therefore, the EPFL is looking forward positively to the upcoming Extraordinary General Assembly to take place in Geneva on 6 June during which the Leagues will have the chance to agree on their vision for the future of club football in Europe.

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