EPFL Chairman calls for global standards on Good Governance at EU Conference in Brussels


EPFL Chairman calls for global standards on Good Governance at EU Conference in Brussels


EPFL supports Good Governance Declaration for sport organisations in the EU


The EPFL Chairman Lars-Christer Olsson was one of the key-note speakers at yesterday’s EU Conference on Good Governance organised by the European Commission within the framework of the European Week of Sport 2016.


On the occasion, the EPFL Chairman congratulated the European Commission for keeping good governance high on its sport policy agenda during this period of turmoil for several organisations in our sector. During his intervention Lars-Christer Olsson called all sports organisations in Europe and beyond to create, agree and more importantly implement global standards and principles on good governance.


Within the context, the EPFL is among the European bodies which during yesterday’s conference pledged to promote and, where appropriate, to implement the principles of good governance in accordance with the following Declaration for sport federations and organisation in the EU:


“To preserve the reputation of sport, whilst maintaining its autonomy, sport governing bodies must ensure good governance is firmly embedded within the culture of the organisation. The governance of the structures and operations of sport must be aligned to deal with the current and future threats and challenges, as well as able to exploit the possibilities arising from the continued growth of the sport sector. We voluntarily commit to implement the basic principles of Good Governance in Sport – Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Democracy, Participation and Inclusivity – into our sport organisations. We recognise that improving governance in an on-going and necessary process to undertake in order to be better protected from risks such as corruption and able to maintain, protect and promote the integrity of sport.”


To confirm its strong commitment in this area, the EPFL will organise an “International Seminar on Good Governance in Football” on the occasion of its next General Assembly which shall take place in Zurich on 20-21 October 2016. The event will count on the participation of all European Leagues which are members of our Association as well as football stakeholders and European institutions.

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