Ekstraklasa statement regarding the changes to the UEFA competitions

Regarding the changes to the international club competitions announced by UEFA, Ekstraklasa supports the opinion expressed by the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) association on September 8, 2016. Similarly to other associated football leagues, such as La Liga in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, Premier League in the UK or Serie A in Italy – Ekstraklasa does not agree with the changes proposed by UEFA due to the potential weakening of the position of Polish football clubs in Europe.

As it has been mentioned by the Board of Directors of the EPFL, any such changes would result in a violation of an agreement concluded between these two organisations and, for this reason, all football leagues will establish its schedules for any future national league competitions independently.

Marcin Animucki, Vice-President of Ekstraklasa, said: “UEFA decisions concerning the introduction of changes to the group stage qualification system within UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa league would, among others, weaken the position of Polish football clubs in the battle for the major football games in Europe. In our opinion, making it even more difficult for many European league clubs is unfair when it comes to the equal treatment of all its members and partners by UEFA, even more so as it happens immediately after the first in 20 years promotion of a Polish football team to the UEFA Champions league”.

In the coming months, Ekstraklasa is supposed to open up a dialogue with the Polish Football Association (PZPN) concerning the protection of interests of Polish football teams in Europe and the formulation of a joint position across the UEFA organisation.

Since the very beginning of its membership in the EPFL, Ekstraklasa have pursued the interests of European football leagues in communication with UEFA, FIFA, European Union bodies and football clubs. Its engagement and efforts have been recognised by honouring Ekstraklasa with an opportunity to organise the EPFL Annual General Meeting in Warsaw to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this organisation.

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