Conclusions of the EPFL International Conference

International Conference - Contractual Stability and Dispute Arbitration and Mediation Systems

Contractual Stability and Dispute Arbitration and Mediation Systems

1. The participants of the Conference congratulated the European Professional Football Leagues for taking the initiative of promoting a proper forum to discuss such significant legal matters, involving all football stakeholders in an open and inclusive environment with the aim of ensuring the respect of contracts and contractual stability and the strength of sporting competitions.

2. The Conference agreed that the key principle of contractual stability should be protected and further promoted in order to find a proper balance between clubs and players’ legitimate contractual rights and, consequently, ensure the positive development of football.

3. The Conference concurred that the respect for contracts is fundamental to preserve the suitable functioning of the football transfer system and guarantee the needed contractual stability.

4. Although the participants acknowledged the great value of the FIFA Regulations of the Status and Transfer of Players to maintain the stability of the system and assure that both, players and clubs alike, are protected, the Conference understood that there are some grey areas still to be evaluated and considered. Therefore, the Conference encourages FIFA to consult all relevant football stakeholders, in particular the Leagues, in order to amend and reinforce the FIFA Regulations to achieve this primary purpose.

5. The Conference recognised the European Social Dialogue in the Professional Football sector, composed by all major European football stakeholders, as an important platform to effectively provide more stable relations between employers and employees’ representatives and secure the vital principle of contractual stability.


6. The Conference considered crucial that the EPFL and the Leagues should play an active role on this matter by developing and proposing a list of general recommendations for Leagues and their affiliated clubs. Consequently, an inclusive consultation process will be launched inviting all relevant football stakeholders to participate in order to reach consensus on key practical measures and procedures aimed to safeguard clubs’ contractual rights and promote a more stable contractual relationship with players.

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