Azerbaijan Professional Football League ready to join the EPFL

Azerbaijan Professional Football League ready to join the EPFL
EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros with Azerbaijan PFL Marketing Group Co-ordinator Emil Shukurov

The Azerbaijan Professional Football League, represented by Emil Shukurov, Marketing Group Coordinator, has conveyed its willingness to join the EPFL as its newest member. The announcement was officially made during a meeting held on 6 March 2013 at the EPFL Headquarters in Nyon.

This was one of the many topics addressed between Emil Shukurov, representing the Caucasus League, and EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. Held in a very cordial and positive spirit, the meeting offered an excellent opportunity to exchange views on matters of particular interest for the Azerbaijan PFL and European football as a whole, and well on EPFL future projects and initiatives.

Emil Shukurov, Marketing Group Coordinator of the Azerbaijan Professional Football League, said: ” We are eager to become a full member of the EPFL in order to be even better integrated in the European football family. We believe that being part of EPFL will give us unmatched experience at European scale, and will help us improve the organisation of our national championship to reach even higher standards.”

The Azerbaijan Professional Football League was established in 2008. It runs the top two professional football divisions in the country, the Azerbaijan Premier League and the Azerbaijan First Division, which are composed by 12 and 13 clubs respectively. PFC Neftchi Baku are the current record holders with 5 Premier League titles. The league is currently ranked 32th in Europe in the UEFA league ranking.

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