Athens hosts the EPFL International Workshop on Safety & Security at Leagues’ Competitions

The EPFL will organise a Workshop on Safety and Security at Leagues’ Competition on 7th December 2010. Athens is the chosen place where top experts on safety and security will gather to share the latest developments and best practice in this field.

In pursuance of the EPFL Convention Agianst Violence in Professional Football and its implementation plan, this workshop will focus on roles and responsibilities  that the different stakeholders accountable for guaranteeing safety and security  in Leagues’ competitions,  giving an overview on the necessary coordination among all the relevant parties and co-operation between Leagues,  clubs, specialized  police  forces,  supporters?  organisations, various  public  authorities  and stewards.

A special attention will be given to the promotion of a safe environment before, during and after  the organization of football matches such as:

  • The recognition of stadia safety certificate
  • Risk management procedures and methods
  • Mechanisms and rules on access of spectators to stadia
  • Technological means to monitor and control spectator behavior before, during and after matches
  • Safe and comfortable stadia,  as well as the general match-day environment, including the different clubs’ initiatives to attract families with children to matches and, at the same time, increase the value of the football event
  • Scheme and plans to ensure fully integrated and co-ordinated travel arrangements for away spectators to ensure safe travel to and from the stadia, including ticket distribution, security arrangements, spectator access to the stadia and the dissemination of safety information to spectators and segregation within the stadia etc.
  • The control of supporters’ behavior via a possible charter or code of conduct or other initiatives that motivate supporters to have a proper conduct and create a friendly atmosphere at football matches, which shall be distributed to all Clubs for enforcement supported by agreed compliance and monitoring systems to include:
    • educating spectators and clubs’ supporters to promote sporting ideals and the notion of fair play on standards of acceptable behavior whether on signs at the venue, via the PA system and/or on tickets; and
    • informing spectators on items that are prohibited inside the stadia and instituting random searches;

In addition, the European Leagues will discuss about policies and procedures used in enhancing security surrounding football matches, with the analysis of practices and measures applied in each country, the existing legal frameworks (national law, sporting regulations, code of conducts for spectators, etc.) and public policy related with the security and fight against violence surrounding professional football matches.
The EPFL International Workshop, co-hosted by the Super League Greece, shall take place in Athens, at the Westin Athens Astir Palace Beach Resort, 40 Apollonos, 16671 Vouliagmeni (9.30 Hs – 16.00 Hs).

Programme of the Workshop (PDF)

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